Soft X-ray spectroscopy of clusters, surfaces and interfaces

Photon-Ion-Spectrometer at PETRA III

PIPE (Photon-Ion-Spectrometer at PETRA III) is a versatile tool to study all kind of ions: atoms, molecules and cluster. The experiment consists of two main chambers realising a merged-beams setup [1,2,6] and a COLTRIMS [3,4,5] and is placed permanently at the P04 XUV beamline of PETRA III, DESY.

At PIPE a ion source area exists to host a various type of ion sources. The produced ions can then be mass selected with a 1m radius 1,5T dipole magnet with a mass resolution of about 500. The mass selected ions can be studied about their reaction kinetics with x-ray photons from the XUV beamline in the COLTRIMS chamber or the absorption and fragmentation properties on absolute scale in the merged-beams chamber. The photon energy range of the XUV beamline can vary between 250eV and 3000eV, covering the the K- and L-edges of the most important elements for application, with tuneable polarization and a flux up to 1012 photons/s.

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PIPE-Endstation at the P04 Beamline of PETRA III (topview above, sideview below) with the scource branch (left), merged beam section (middle) an fragmental analysis branch (right).


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