Soft X-ray spectroscopy of clusters, surfaces and interfaces

UNIEXP Research Ultrafast Dynamics  · 

Ultrafast Dynamics: Time-resolved Measurements

Our research focuses on the study of ultrafast phenomena in solids and at surfaces by employing time resolved soft X-ray core level spectroscopies (X-ray Emission Spectroscopy, XES, and Photoelectron Spectroscopy, PES) to measure the time resolved and atom specific evolution of the electronic structure of the system.
In particular we employ pump-probe techniques: a pump pulse drives the system under study out of equilibrium and a delayed X-ray probe pulse takes snapshots of the system evolution at different times (Δt).

As a probe, we use short pulse high intensity soft X-rays delivered by FELs (FLASH and LCLS) or, in the future, table top lasers. As pump, we employ optical laser pulses (400/800 nm) synchronized with the FEL or X-rays obtained by splitting the FEL radiation with a beam splitter.


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